At this level, the marketer will set up the design,

Marketing Summary for Charles Keith

It is a fast fashion brand , with a key focus on footwear and accessories. Under the Charles and Keith group, there is also Charles and Keith Signature label and Pedro. Encapsulating modern luxury and contemporary style fake louis bag , by fake designer bags offering a “smart twist of timeless classics with international influence”. The brand emphasises its attention to detail, with the aim of creating “emblematic looks” for the elegant and sophisticated.

International luxury high quality designer replica handbags wholesale goods conglomerate of LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, acquired 20% of Charles Keith.

Products can be divided into three level, they are core product, actual product and augmentedproduct. First level, core product is not the tangible, physical product, because core product is thebasicbenefit that Charles Keith shoes can bring to user and it is also the main reason why userbought it. Basic benefit of shoes is having comfortable footwear to walk. Second level, actual productis the physical form of the Charles Keithshoes. At this level, the marketer will set up the design, style, brand, quality and packaging of Charles Keith shoes. This step is important because it differentiates their shoes from their competitor. Third level is augmented product. Augmentedproduct is additional benefit of purchasing Charles Keith shoes, for instance, good quality and unique design

Generally fashion products have shorter PLC. CK counters that by bringing in at least 15 20 new designs every 2 3 weeks. To continue to generate sales from outdated products they frequently hold 30% discount on selected items. Those items that are on discount are items from last season which they intend to clear its stock. This way, they create short term sales therefore it will generate higher traffic. To further support that this successful retailer practices price lining, Charles Keith’s Signature Label which portrays a womanas modern, fashionable and prestigious considering its exclusivity, thus is priced at a much higher price by 30% as compared tothe rest. Charles Keith’s Signature Label’s prices ranges from $69.90 to $99.90.

18 45 years old, mid to high level of disposable income. Chic, trendy and bold fashion sense. Good product knowledge. Sent for extensive training. Prevents OEM sales. Constantly and consistently winning awards and covered in ST, Men’s Folio and more.

NineWest a sub brand of the American clothing replica louis vuitton , accessories designer brand, The Jones Group, whose vision is to “ignite desire, instill confidence and stimulate compliments”. Stemming from its 30 year presence in the industry and its ‘Hot 9’ selection of ‘must haves’ of the current season, Nine West is positioned as a “trusted fashion advisor in every category”. They claim to be recognised as a complete lifestyle brand that translates looks from the runway to “real life fashion”. The product range offers shoes and accessories for men and women, and in other parts of the world, it also has some clothing as well as a selection for children.

Steve Madden American designer label by the “fashion footwear mogul” of the same name, whose vision is to give “young, fashion forward women a unique way to express their individuality through style”. This brand is also positioned as one that represents a lifestyle, but pivots around the central idea of “embracing fashion” while retaining the “funky independence” that originally defined the brand. The product offering includes shoes, bags, and accessories for men, women, and children.

Some of the other competitors in Singapore include Accessorize, Zara, Mango, Stradivarius, M)phosis, Topshop, H Guess, Forever21, New Look, Pull Bear, Bershka, Dorothy Perkins, River Island, DMK, Mitju, Rubi, Bata, and Pretty Fit. These competitors are not as big a threat to Aldo as the aforementioned four because some of them focus primarily on accessories and others on clothing. The shoe brands mentioned here also do not have replica designer handbags similar price or style offerings as Aldo.

Founded in Singapore in 1996, Charles aaa replica designer handbags and Keith has expanded its presence internationally and has over 350 outlets 1:1 replica handbags in more than 30 cities. Situated in prominent shopping districts around the world, Charles and Keith has attained significant growth in its annual sales turnover. Charles and Keith has outlets in the South Africa, Japan, China and other countries. The economic conditions vary for the outlets. The success of a particular outlet can replica louis vuitton be greatly hindered if the economy in that country is contracting. However, if there is a worldwide phenomenon like The Great Depression of high quality replica handbags china 1929, all outlets will suffer from a drastic fall in demand for the goods due to high unemployment rates and wage cuts which lower the purchasing power of people. Thus, Fake Louis Vuitton Replica Bags personal consumption which includes retail sales may increase. However, this could result in Charles and Keith to experience a drop in sales. Consumers may turn to high end brands replica louis vuitton bags such as Aldo and Nine West that have high quality designer replica handbags better designs and follow cheap louis vuitton bags from china up to date fashion trends.

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